Tuesday, February 19, 2013

If Scott Walker Can Force A Probe Up Your Vagina Just Imagine What He'll Do To The State?

The legal definition of rape - or what is more commonly referred to as sexual assault - has changed over the years.

Consent was not always part of the equation as in the cases of a husband raping his wife - a concept that wasn't really criminalized until the 1970's.

Women who were brave enough to report crimes of rape had to prove they resisted enough and verbally expressed non-consent to suspicious judges and juries. Pity the woman who was too pretty, too drunk or wore too few articles of clothing,

As we got somewhat more sophisticated in discussing sexual assault as a society there was consideration given to cases of abuse against the mentally disabled who can not give intellectual consent and sexual abuse endured by those where persons of authority coerced sexual consent. The legal definition of rape no longer relies on verbal expression of non-consent in order for sexual abuse to have occurred.

Further, rape is no longer just defined as "the carnal knowledge of a female, forcibly and against her will." This definition really only included penile penetration of a female vagina according to the US Justice Department.

In 2012, they finally updated the legal definition of rape to read:
“The penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim.” 
This new definition allows that men, indeed, can be raped and penetration in cases of sexual assault may accomplished with an object other than a penis. Great, better late than never.

So, in 2013 here comes the Wisconsin "Woman's Right To Know Her Unborn Child Act" peddled by Wisconsin Right To Life to friendly Republicans at their conference less than two weeks ago.

In the bill, any woman seeking an abortion for any reason would be forced to undergo a vaginal ultrasound probe to view the fetus and hear a heartbeat if possible. Now many women do have an ultrasound as preparation for the procedure but are not required to view it. It is something a woman discusses with her physician.

No more.

Under this bill, Wisconsin women would be forced to have a vaginal probe, forced to view the ultrasound and forced to listen to the heartbeat - even if she did not consent. Doctors who do not comply could go to jail.

Scott Fitzgerald, Senate majority leader said the "bill is a priority" and "it is long overdue."

So let's break it down: Women would be forced by law to have an object inserted into their vagina by doctors who may or may not want to insert the object and both are forced to look at an image which may or may not reveal an image of a fetus and to listen to a heartbeat which may or may not be audible given gestation time or if the fetus is still even alive.

How is this not rape? Well if you ask Wisconsin Right To Life it's because it will save each women a lifetime of regret because she had the "right" to know her unborn child. You know - it's for her own good.

Yes, the way girl's clitoris' are cut off so they will never experience sexual pleasure which could make them become whores. It's for her own good. Or the way women are forced to marry their rapists because they are no longer virgins. It's for her own good. Or when a woman's husband dies and they throw her very much alive body into the grave with him because a woman can't be alone in this life without a man. It's for her own good.

We can now force a woman to have a probe put up her vagina to view a fetus she may already know is dead - just so she can have a procedure to end what is already a tragic chapter in her life.

Government sanctioned rape. It's for her own good.

Oh, by the way Planned Parenthood announced the closure of four clinics in Wisconsin yesterday because of Scott Walker's state budgets cuts eliminating health services to thousands of Wisconsin women.

His new budget comes out tomorrow.