Monday, February 25, 2013

Petition THIS Scott Walker

They just don't get grassroots do they?

Scott Walker's new budget is the subject of an online petition to generate support for his "big" ideas. Of course, if you feel extra positive about it - you can always donate a couple of bucks to the effort.

So who is behind this petition to support Scott Walker's budget proposal? Well, Scott Walker.

Who starts their own petition to support themselves? This is such a derp move, even Walker's supporters aren't taking it seriously. After five plus days appearing everywhere online, only a little more than 6,000 people were dumb enough to think this was a real petition.

The Siren is happy to report that we were number 6, 070 to sign it. No grudges kittens, you know you want to sign it. Here's a screen-shot of our contribution to Scott Walker's effort: