Saturday, February 2, 2013

Pridemore Supports Arming School Volunteers - Racine School Board Candidate Supports Pridemore

RUSD School Board Candidate, Kristie Formolo &
State Representative, Don Pridemore
“School boards should be given the freedom to hire a competent, well trained school official or employee who is experienced with applying force whenever force is required."

“The most cost effective approach would be to permit local school boards, administrators and parents to be able to ask qualified people from their own communities, to volunteer to do this work as a public service as a way of giving to their communities while they are in retirement."

~Don Pridemore, January 31, 2013

There is no one in the state of Wisconsin who is surprised that Don Pridemore, candidate for State Superintendent for the Department of Public Instruction, thinks it's a great idea to arm school employees and/or volunteers with guns.

If there is any surprise, it may be that he is not mandating AR-15's in every homeroom. 

Pridemore came out with his NRA love-letter on Tuesday. Readers may want to notice that Pridemore isn't suggesting more police officers or school security guards - but actual school staff and community volunteers. Oddly, he proposes that this will be the more "cost effective approach." Because when it come to the safety of our children in the presence of handguns - by all means - let's take a cost effective approach.

So who supports Don Pridemore? Well, RUSD School Board Candidate, Kristie Formolo does. Kristie proudly displays a picture of herself shaking Pridemore's hand urging her supporters to learn more about him.  We should be safe to assume that since Formolo has endorsed Pridemore - she also supports his plan to arm   teachers and volunteers in our public schools.

So aside from the fact that some schools who have experienced mass shootings did have armed guards who were taken by surprise and rendered ineffective, or the recent incident of the armed school guard who left his gun in the boys bathroomor studies that show armed guards in schools make kids feel LESS safe - can we talk about the additional liability insurance such a program would cost? 

In a time of unprecedented school budget cuts, let's spend more money on liability insurance and background screenings for gun-slinging volunteers. 

What could possibly go wrong?