Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Roggensack Quickly Sets The Bar Very Low

Photo: host.madison.com
Five days ago it was reported with little surprise that incumbent candidate for Wisconsin Supreme Court, Patience Roggensack was winning the campaign contribution contest against her two opponents - Vince Megna and Edward Fallone.

Four days ago it was noticed that the Roggensack campaign had failed to disclose some of her contributions - just over $20,000 worth - a nice chunk of cheese.

Turns out the contributions were from the "Fund for Parent Choice" a school choice group fueled by the cash of the Walton and DeVos families. When questioned about the oversight, Roggensack's campaign spokesperson (who also a registered lobbyist in Wisconsin) said the checks came right before the holiday and you know...busy, busy, busy.

He didn't explain why four checks submitted after Roggensack's Walmart payoff got reported but those didn't. Hmmmm.

Could it be that in just a few weeks Ms. Patience has a primary election against two candidates not currently bankrolled by school choice advocates? More than a few communities around the state are getting nervous that Little Lord Pops-the-Corn is going to be forcing school vouchers on them the same way he did to Racine.

Perhaps being the supreme court candidate in the pocket of out-of-state private school zealots is a little inconvenient at this point in time. Why not let that bit of information ride until the next reporting deadline after the primary?