Monday, February 4, 2013

Ryan Capitulates

Oh, we all know conservatives had to swallow hard to pull the lever for Mitt Romney. Teabillies never liked the idea of a "President Romney" but they talked themselves into it believing the alternative was far worse.

The depressing job of getting juiced up for November was made a little easier when Paul Ryan was chosen as Mitt's running-mate.

Imagine the disappointment just a few days after losing once again to Barack Obama when Ryan led the charge to accept the debt ceiling deal offered by Democrats - getting none of the cuts the tea party caucus was willing to shut down the government over.

Disappointment has turned to outright gnashing of teeth when just last week Ryan spoke out in favor of universal background checks for gun owners AND for leaving Wisconsin's electoral college alone.

It's almost too much to bear if you read the Facebook and blog accounts of those who championed Ryan against the grumblings of Libertarian types who already knew Ryan was a fraud.

The foundation of the original tea party groups were made up of Libertarians who thought TARP and similar deals sucked. Once a black, moderately liberal President was elected they were quickly joined by the evangelical clingers of god and guns. The Libertarians played it cool on the pot and the Religious Right played in cool on the gays.

A tenuous truce was fortified by their mutual hatred of Obamacare.

However, once election season rolled around, these folks got co-opted by Republicans and that's when things got a little too crowded. Sure the money and attention Republicans brought to the teabilly jamboree was flattering and fun - but a few too many teabaggers mistook the Republican's affections for love and now the GOP isn't returning their calls or texts.

Republicans got their votes out of the political novices and now they have moved along. Getting dumped sucks and it doesn't help that the tea party's narrow agenda is being blamed for the big loss. Used and abused.

Seriously, can you imagine a pre-November Paul Ryan saying he thought universal background checks to close the gun show loophole was a sane idea?! Picture if you can - Ryan telling a town hall audience in late October that he was ready to totally compromise with Democrats over increased revenue?!

The post-election Paul Ryan has to the tea party's dismay turned out to be quite different from the guy they voted for just a few weeks ago. (Not to worry kittens - he'd still starve your grandma and leave grandpa to expire in the emergency waiting room - given half a chance.)

So the bitching has begun on the walls and chatrooms - leaving OG Republicans to defend their RINO politicians, pleading for patience while purging the teabaggers from their party rosters. It's ugly - but perhaps the tea party has finally come to understand how politics works.