Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Scott Walker: Just Another Man Who Exaggerates Size

Get used to hearing the phrase "the first income tax cut in over a decade" from Scott Walker and state Republicans. It sounds great doesn't it? Who doesn't want an income tax break? But like most men who tend to exaggerate their attributes, there's a bit of a reality-check in store for those who imagine spending their windfall of cash at Potawatomi Bingo. Think Taco Bell instead.

Most Wisconsinites will see no income tax rebate at all. In return for that big nothing - they will see less services from their local municipalities because Walker froze local government aid, less money for their schools and a whole lot of lay-offs at the local level. Lay-offs not just in administration, but in police and fire as well. The bright side is there will be some seriously over-qualified folks at the Taco Bell to make change for that $6.91 a month in income tax savings Scott Walker brought to the people of Wisconsin.