Thursday, February 14, 2013

Scott Walker Never Fails To Disappoint

Photo: Weekly Standard
The college dropout strikes again.

Apparently mistaking Ash Wednesday for ASS Wednesday, Scott Walker announced he would refuse $4 billion in federal funding, the possibility to create 10,000 new health care related jobs and offer health care coverage to 175,000 Wisconsin citizens in front of an audience of wealthy businessmen at the WMC.

Hospital associations, doctor associations, educators and churches all said Walker should expand  Medicare in Wisconsin - hell, the Journal Sentinel said he should take the funding...nope.

All that mattered was the WMC didn't want it. Was it any surprise when Americans for Prosperity were first to break with a press release congratulating Walker for refusing the money?

In an instance of classic narcissistic behavior disorder, Walker told the crowd that some would portray his decision as not caring about the people of Wisconsin - but the opposite is actually true - he cares TOO MUCH for people to allow them to become dependent on shit like doctors and you care without going bankrupt.

So, Happy Valentines Day you uninsured motherfuckers, Scott Walker has given you the gift of controlling your own destiny. You may send your thank you cards to his office in Madison...or just directly to the jerks at AFP.