Wednesday, February 6, 2013

WWWD: What Will Walker Do?

Photo: Wisconsin Jobs Now
In the coming days Wisconsin residents will know whether our dumb Governor will choose to expand the BadgerCare Medicaid program or opt out.

He can go the way of Governor's in Ohio and Arizona and extend healthcare to 175,000 Wisconsin citizens or follow Texas and South Carolina and turn away over $4 billion to fund the program thru 2020.

With a 100,000 people currently on the waiting list to receive BadgerCare benefits - it's a very big political gamble for Walker who has already turned away federal dollars to fund high-speed rail.

On Monday, the Wisconsin Hospital Association joined the Wisconsin Medical Society, the Wisconsin Academy of Family Physicians and the Wisconsin Chapter of the American College of Physicians and came out to endorse the expansion to BadgerCare. Citing not just additional care for Wisconsin's poorest residents, the WHA said the expansion would reduce uncompensated care for hospitals and doctors.

The kind of uncompensated care costs that get passed on to thee and me.

Wisconsin Citizen Action pointed out yesterday in a crowded press conference in Madison that not only would the expansion create additional jobs in health care professions - you know, the kind places like Gateway train people for - failing to expand BadgerCare will cost Wisconsin businesses and additional $120 million in federal taxes.

So, an expansion will create jobs, reduce health care costs and save lives. What will the college drop-out do? The smart choice is not the safe bet with Walker.

Stay tuned.