Saturday, March 16, 2013

Belle City Amusements

~Former Alderman, Eric Marcus, will be going to court this week on charges of battery and disorderly conduct. If you are from out of town: Yes, another Alderman and No, we don't know what is in the water around here.

Marcus went on a personal bender a little over a year ago which included a run for Racine County Democratic Party Chairman, an organization he had not been a member of until a few weeks before the election. Marcus received a total of four votes - that did not include himself.

(His neighbors who had joined the party just to vote for him were not pleased to learn he didn't even bother to show up to vote for himself.)

He then went on to a very competitive race for Racine's 2nd District against newcomer, Krystyna Serrazin. Marcus doomed whatever slim chance he had for winning by being charged with the battery of his wife a few days before the election. Marcus has pleaded not-guilty to the charges.

~Potentially, the most popular business opportunity in Sturtevant has been delayed or worse blocked - and no, we don't mean that nasty Buffalo Wild Wings by Regency Mall. A conditional use permit for a "massage establishment" operated by Chicago area business owner, Yun Coyne, was denied after Village officials learned she was in the custody of Indiana police.

The Siren knows what you are thinking - was the "massage establishment" offering more to her customers than just a massage? Ka-ching!  

As it turns out, the business owner read the article in the Mount Pleasant "Patch" and responded to it by saying she had never been in custody, nor had she ever been to the the town in Indiana whose police informed the Sturtevant Village of her arrest - but she now has a good idea why her permit was not approved.

There is no record of arrest in Indiana in their online database - leading us to wonder if the story about her arrest is really true?

Since the business owner is Asian, we wonder how quickly the "Pattern or Practice" discrimination squad will be out to Sturtevant to rally for her defense...unless, that is, they only really care about themselves and not ALL minorities?

~Dwellers of the mighty Root learned this week what the punishment is for showing your junk to the librarians and patrons at the Racine Public Library: "banned from all libraries on the face of the earth." That was the actual bond agreement set by court commissioner, John Bjelajac. The junk shower also faces $11,000 in fines and a year in jail.

While this story and it's bond pronouncement is somewhat amusing - we want to point out to all the dumbbells that commented on efforts this week to reduce prison populations as being reckless - this is the exact kind of case they are talking about. A homeless man, who clearly needs treatment, who will not be able to pay the fine if convicted and so, will sit in jail for a year - paid for by tax dollars.

Think about it.