Saturday, March 30, 2013

Brewergate! Tickets For Votes In Racine

Charlie Sykes and Mouth-Breathers Central have their ladies underwear in a bunch because the Martin Luther King Community Center in Racine is giving away tickets to a Brewers game on April 2nd - which is also spring election day.

The MLK Community Center is a polling location for two wards in Racine.

Cue the horror and indignation.

Fueling the fire of a fast growing RWNJ conspiracy theory is that Unified School Board Candidate, Michael Frontier is a member of the Parks Commission that oversees the operations of Racine's Community Centers.

Apparently, Frontier's master plan must have been to coordinate with both the Brewers and Community Center Director, James Wilson, to have the ticket give-away on election day so he could get himself a whole bunch of votes - which totaled a whopping 136 ballots cast for both wards in the 2011 April election.

That must have been quite a trick since according to Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department discussed neither the specific community center nor the date of the ticket give-away according to the minutes of the February meeting when it came up in committee.

Of course would ANY community center in Racine have been acceptable to Mr. Sykes?

Folks in Racine know that community centers have given away Brewers tickets for years - it is not new. But the voter suppression crowd is convinced this is a ploy to attract more voters in an "inner-city" polling place - which is code for "black voters," however there is a healthy amount of "brown voters" there too. Yikes!

What they are really mad about is that it looks exactly like the kind of trick they would use (see the above photo). Except there is nothing illegal about it.

Did you know that some polling places in "suburban" areas - which is code for "white voters," have bake sales that offer desserts priced well under market value? And some polling places even offer a free public education and complementary wifi!

How in the world can they get away with that?!

So the GAB said the ticket give-away was not a problem since it was not required to vote to get one. Duh. Just like you can play cards, read a book, or play some hoops without having to vote first either.

One last thing - the focus on Frontier is especially amusing. Having beat even the incumbents in the school board primary, Frontier is pretty much a lock in Tuesday's election. Combined this with his unabashed pride in collecting a HUGE amount of recall signatures - Frontier makes the RWNJ's crazy like few do. They'll do just about anything to make him look bad.

It won't work, but we give them credit for trying. They really don't want black people to vote.