Monday, March 25, 2013

Demand Background Checks NOW!

Racine resident, Cary Lynn Robuck
Cary Lynn Robuck was 35 years old when she was murdered on October 21, 2012. Cary had been called in to work at the Azana Salon and Spa when the estranged husband of the spa's owner, Zina Haughton, allegedly came in and shot to death his wife and two other's - including Cary Robuck and wounding four other people.

Zina Haughton had secured a restraining order against her husband, Radcliff Haughton, after numerous domestic violence incidents and threats. A consequence of the restraining order required him to surrender any guns owned and not to possess or purchase any new guns.

Two days after the restraining order was granted, Zina Haughton's husband purchased a handgun online - through a private seller that he used to murder her, Cary Robuck and another woman.

He was able to purchase the handgun he used to murder 3 people, wound 4 and ultimately kill himself because Wisconsin law does not require private sellers of guns to perform a background check in order to sell a gun.

Had he walked into a federally licensed gun dealer's store, their required check would have shown his restraining order, forbidding them to sell him a gun under strict penalty of law. Had that been the requirement for the private seller who supplied Radcliff Haughton the murder weapon, one has to wonder if Cary Robuck would be alive today.

On Thursday of last week, two Wisconsin Assembly Representatives and one State Senator announced they will be introducing legislation to require universal background checks on sales of guns in the state. Their legislation will exempt gifts and inheritance of guns within families and loaning a gun for legal purposes like hunting or target shooting.

The Siren wishes she could say any of the three legislators introducing this bill were from Racine - they were not - but there is still plenty of time for them to sign on as co-sponsors as it develops.

The JT did a mini- poll of area politicians about their reactions to such a measure and their responses fell mostly along party lines with two interesting twists: Vossy did not out-right condemn the effort, saying he needed to see the bill first.

Assembly newcomer and GOP stooge, Tom Weatherston, gave it a fast and decisive "NO" saying the legislation is unnecessary and the state did not need more requirements for "law-abiding citizens."

Weatherston fails to comprehend that until Radcliff Haughton became a murderer on October 21, 2012, he was a "law-abiding citizen." Because current law in Wisconsin is insufficient - people are dead.

Cary Roebuck lived in Racine, she graduated from Park High School and left behind family and friends who will miss her forever.

Call your State Senator and Assembly Representatives and demand they co-sponsor this bill - even if - especially if it is Tom Weatherston.

Call 1-800-362-9472