Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fallone Gets Tough On Patience

Testing the "patience" of Wisconsinites for another corporately funded candidate in Wisconsin, Supreme Court Justice, Patience Roggensack, comes with campaign cash courtesy of the Walmart family and the DeVos family who do not live in Wisconsin, but prefer the permanent installation of school privatization and are happy to pay for the privilege of compliant politicians.

Opponent, Ed Fallone isn't letting Roggensack's monied contributors intimidate his criticism - evident in his newest campaign ad. Fallone goes after Roggensack's deciding vote to allow judges to have received donations from parties before the court without recusal.

Let's repeat that for emphasis: the "Roggensack Rule" is the decision that says a judge who has received campaign contributions from a party before the court does NOT have to step down from judgement because of partiality or conflict of interest.

Non-attorneys may recognize that as political maneuver generally referred to as "bribery".