Friday, March 1, 2013

Finance Head Paul Ryan Heads Home While Meals On Wheels Braces For Cut

Hey kids! Guess what the head of the House Finance Committee, Paul Ryan, is doing today as the country slips into the sequester cuts?

He's back home in Wisconsin instead of doing his job in Washington. How nice for him.

If the guy in charge of the Finance Committee is chill enough to take off and go back home - it must be no big deal, right?

Well let's take a look - according to the White House:

Wisconsin schools would lose about $8.5 million in federal aid for elementary and secondary education, putting 120 jobs at risk, the report said. The state also would lose $10.1 million that pays for an additional 120 special education teachers and other staff who help students with disabilities, the report said.
Cuts to Head Start programs in the state would pare 900 children from the program, according to the report.
Among the other federal cuts to Wisconsin:
Military: $12.4 million in pay to civilian military employees through unpaid furloughs and Army base funding cuts of about $1 million.
Public health: $1.4 million for substance abuse grants, cutting service to about 2,600 people; $543,000 in cuts for preparedness for public health threats; and $173,000 cut from immunization programs for children.
Environment: $3.9 million in aid for antipollution programs. The state might lose $1.5 million more in state grants for fish and wildlife protection.
Seniors: $653,000 from senior meal programs - Meals on Wheels.
The White House report also warned of major delays at airports due to furloughs to security screeners, layoffs of large numbers of air traffic controllers, closures of national parks, reductions of 9.4% in unemployment benefits and cuts in aid for the homeless and those with serious mental illness.

There are 77 federal employees in Racine alone who could be cut. 

Paul Ryan's spokesperson said in Ryan's defense for leaving town, the House has already voted on a sequester alternative - which is completely true - except they voted on it last session. IT DOESN'T COUNT ANYMORE!

The good news is that Ryan's opponent last November, Rob Zerban, has signaled he is awfully interested in running against Ryan again in 2014.