Saturday, March 23, 2013

It's Not Scott Walker's Fault

Whoo wee, last week the Siren posited the news of totally sucky job growth in Wisconsin and remarked how the GOP was totally silent on the issue. Instead of dealing with the news, they preferred to entertain themselves with the possibility of a Walker presidential run and a lucky break of a handful of voter fraud charges that Voter ID wouldn't have prevented - kinda proving the system works just fine without spending millions of taxpayer dollars on disfranchising voters and even more cash on state and federal lawsuits.

Our friend on Twitter, NewWisGov, came out with this chart that makes Walker's failure on jobs so clear even a teabilly can understand:

Naturally, when we mentioned Walker's jobs failure and subsequent silence by his supporters at least one guy took the bait by saying it was the "chaos" and "tantrums" of the recall that has stymied job growth in our state.

This has been a predictable "blame the victim" response on the right - one which sorta contradicts assembly leader Little Lord Pops-the-Corn's prediction that the Wisconsin economy would "take off like a rocket" after the recall elections were finished...Vossy's "rocket" turned out to have been manufactured in North Korea.

It also makes us wonder how states with actual chaos like say - hurricanes - manage to create a single job. But amazingly kids, they do.

Further, because the Siren has really super-smart readers - sometimes we don't even have to research why our opponents are so lame - because they do the work for us. From reader PTMNC1:
"You should look at the chart in the article: we were at least keeping pace with Illinois... until Walker won the recall election and jobs flatlined.
There's zero evidence of some wall of investment just waiting for Walker to have won the recall election, since new VC investment in Wisconsin halved between 2012Q2 and 2012Q3.
The recalls certainly made no difference whatsoever to Walker's 250,000 jobs promise, since he made it as recently as, oh, 8 months *after* the recalls were all over and done with (
It's hard to woo any business when the Governor and Legislature have colluded to destroy demand in our state: making the tax code more regressive and forcing all workers to save - i.e. not spend - another week's pay in order to bridge the new UI gap created. Then force the lower-paid to save even more for when there's a rainy day and no BadgerCare umbrella to be had. Plus destroy huge chunks of the disposable income of a large fraction of the population.
The buck stops at Walker's desk. Excuses made for him are just not wanting to accept responsibility for having backed the deflator of Wisconsin's prospects. The jobs picture won't change without a change of leadership to someone who can't begin to fathom the depths of Walker's ineptitude."
That is what we call reality. It also reminds us once again that king boogeyman, Jim Doyle, was climbing out of state job loss when Walker took office and applied his "tools" to our state. 

November 2014 can't come quick enough.