Friday, March 15, 2013

Lyin Ryan Now & Forever

There used to be a time when mainstream press overlooked Paul Ryan's lies about his policies just so they could clock a little extra time trying to decide if his eyes were azure blue or aquamarine blue.

Even some of his biggest whoppers got a pass until that whole embarrassing marathon thing happened and the soup kitchen thing happened and the stimulus thing happened and the urban voters thing happened...

Now our potential new boyfriend is just kind of a dick. Who cares what color his eyes are?

Politifact, who has been notoriously lenient with Mr. Ryan, came directly out with a "false" ruling on his newest lie that the fiscal cliff deal represented the largest tax increase in history. Ahem, a fiscal cliff deal that he voted in favor of by the way.

Will that be enough for Ryan to stop saying it? Of course not - he's Lyin Ryan. The folks in southeast Wisconsin have been watching his act for years - it's amusing to watch the rest of the world finally catching on to the joke.