Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Meet Dave DeGroot: Candidate For Trustee

Even though the elected position of Trustee for the village of Mt. Pleasant is a non-partisan election, candidate David DeGroot doesn't make it much of a mystery what his political leanings are on his personal Facebook and Twitter accounts.

That's cool, it wasn't much of a secret if you've read his letters to the editor in the Journal Times for the last couple of years.

Like most teabillies, we never heard much from Mr. DeGroot until we elected a black president and then suddenly he had a lot to say.

That's cool too, unless you have a history of writing publicly printed letters that might tend to insult people and then turn up a little later to ask them for their vote.

Bite meet ass. 

Trustee candidates in the villages are always a murky process - who to vote for isn't always clear. Luckily for the folks in Mt. Pleasant, David DeGroot has made his positions perfectly clear...

On the recall and the constitutional right to assemble:
"Overshadowing the ground-breaking ceremony was the usual group of crybabies and noisemakers. How classless indeed for this disaffected collection of thugs to engage political protest during a wonderful celebration. One hopes they aren't brazen enough to apply for any of the new jobs created by the ceremony they disrupted. Probably an unnecessary worry, given they would be required to show up and perform actual work."

On the unemployed:
"How revealing both interviewed lost their jobs in the nonprofit sector. To them, a job is the result of a grant. I shed no tears the community organizer is no longer being paid with our taxes to professionally agitate causes I don't support. Stop whining and join the private sector."

On Racine's Parks Department (?!):
"What is the greedy Parks Department's real agenda?"

His grasp of municipal funding:
"Note Racine County isn't facing service cuts, as well as countless other municipalities in Wisconsin. Our taxes are being held or going down as services remain level or improve. That's leadership."

After attending a listening session held by former senator, Van Wangaard, Degroot offered up these observations about his fellow neighbors...

A question about the environment:
"We heard from a woman identifying herself from the League of Conservation Voters questioning the mining bill, but never offering anything constructive. Was she even a constituent?"

On special education funding cuts:
"A man concerned over special education “cuts” read what’s best described as a manifesto, without ever asking a question."

On rising health care costs for state employees:
"Contributing towards your own retirement and health benefits is fundamental to repairing the structural deficit. Still griping about it in the hallway afterwards, he claimed he was “offended.” As the guy stuck paying for his overly lavish plan until now, I thought he was an ingrate."

In conclusion:
"But maybe I’m speaking too soon! Because the ingrate of the evening award had to go to former Sen. John Lehman....I would have kept my thoughts to myself, but his shameless self-absorption, overall rudeness and subsequent letter cried out for a response."

On the DNR and environmental protections:
"You don't reform by "tweaking" the existing system. It's the culture, stupid! The first step to reforming it is getting rid of obstinate, arrogant, unaccountable hacks that will sabotage and slow-peddle any attempts at reform. Only then will the remaining good state workers warm up to customer-focused reform."

On RUSD, teachers and the contract that saved the district (and taxpayers) $18 million dollars:
"So the school district and the unions have extended their agreements the day before the new budget reform law was signed. How convenient!...Had RUSD waited one more day, they would have gained the tools needed to actually reform education, instead of talking about reform. Which means finally getting rid of burned-out useless teachers on merit, instead of having to lay off bright-eyed new teachers with promise. Seniority rules with collective bargaining!" 

"Some of us still cling to the naïve hope that RUSD is about educating our young. It isn't. The evidence is now clear this is nothing more than an unaccountable high-priced jobs program - protected by law, advanced by contract, with the power to tax us into oblivion."

"How can you say with a straight face these rushed contracts were bargained in good faith, when the union sits on both sides of the table? So stop congratulating yourselves, please! You've done enough harm already." (Quick note: Even Van Wangaard said the contract saved taxpayers money.) 

On recycling programs:
"But this really isn't about service, is it? Because the reality is my four single-party residents have modest recycling needs at best. No, this is typical mindless nanny-government on display, imposing on us in a desperate attempt to artificially increase the collection of recyclables."

On 4 year old kindergarten:
"Case in point: 4-year-old kindergarten. This dubious program was trotted out by the last governor as this great educational breakthrough. Nonsense! It doesn't measure up. The average four year old has the attention span of a gnat. So don't kid us by saying "it's for the children." The cold truth is it was for featherbedding the teacher rosters, indoctrinating children, and providing a very expensive "free" day care service to parents" (Quick note: Mr. DeGroot has no children - big surprise.)

And finally, a prediction on municipal services from the not so distant past of 2011: 
"Fortunately, the adults have finally gained control of state government. RUSD, Gateway, city and county governments better prepare to get their houses in order...Somehow I don't think the street lights will be unplugged...But you wouldn't know it by all of the teeth-gnashing guaranteed to play out by any recipient of public trust monies. I can hardly wait.

Yeah, that streetlight prediction has gotta sting now don't cha think? So vote for Dave DeGroot everyone! He has been wrong about everything and really dislikes 4 year olds! Whoo!