Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Racine's Newest Voucher School Owner Already Declares Bankruptcy

As if the public school cuts in 2011 weren't bad enough, the newest budget doesn't make anything better...except for voucher schools.

Folks in Racine learned about the newest shake n' bake school venture - the Evergreen Elementary School, a start-up by the brother of an instructor at another local voucher school, the Renaissance School on Taylor Ave. His business partner, Bry Coleman, a professor of business administration at some local colleges.

It seems that Coleman forgot to tell his business partner that he was filing for bankruptcy and the state managed to clear the duo for voucher funding in spite of the fact the "professor" of business administration wasn't sure how much debt he was actually in.

Shades of John Fisher Academy - the Racine unsanctioned Catholic voucher high school that went bankrupt last year after it was discovered they hadn't paid their teachers for months. Union schmunion.

Welcome to the world of modern education in Wisconsin - making the restaurant business seem like a reliable choice.