Thursday, March 28, 2013

Reince Priebus Has A Gay Problem

If Reince Priebus wasn't such a smarmy bastard, you could almost feel a bit sorry for him.

Saddled as the head of a party co-opted by no-tax teabillies, corporate whores and religious fanatics who think that whole separation of church and state stuff was just founding father sarcasm - he's in a tough spot.

Hispanics don't like his party. African Americans don't like his party. Women don't like his party. Young people really don't like his party. And the gays? Well you can forget about the gays.

So what do you do when the whole world is watching the Supreme Court debate the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and Democratic politicians are coming out in favor of marriage equality like it's the week before the gay pride parade?

Tap dance...very, very carefully.

Reince is paid to raise money and win elections. The folks in his party who write the checks don't want to hear a single word about inclusion - let's face it; they're old, rich, white men grappling with the same kind of social irrelevancy they see reflected in their grandchildren's eyes.

Dinosaurs going down hard.

Reince tried the voter suppression route when it was obvious brown and young people weren't going to sign on to the GOP platform of greed and intolerance. Obama won big anyway. He tried the gerrymandering routine to divide the votes to favor Republicans. Tammy Baldwin won big anyway.

Reince ain't gonna pull the same bullshit with the gays. They vote and they write checks too.

Worse for poor Reincey, as the friends, family, co-workers and neighbors of gay people start openly and enthusiastically supporting them (Have you seen Facebook this week?) they are gonna start demanding a Republican party change - or they're gonna vote for the other guy.

No amount of tricks will work when Grandpa decides he loves his lesbian granddaughter more than he loves Rush Limbaugh.