Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ryan's Budget: Same As It Ever Was

We know that on the morning of the November Presidential Election Day, Paul Ryan got up believing he and Mitt Romney were going to win the election based on internal polls that defied national polls and Nate Silver.

Believing your own hype is a risky position.

Worse for him, he lost his own state and came as close as he ever has to losing his seat in Congress. One could almost feel a bit of empathy for the guy - almost - if he hadn't come out with his newest budget proposal that looks just like the last two budget proposals written by a guy who still doesn't seem to understand why he lost the election.

Cutting nearly $5 trillion in spending - mostly by slashing entitlements, turning Medicare into a voucher scheme and handing out even more tax breaks for the wealthy resulting in $7 trillion in lost revenue - Ryan's budget reads just like his previous ones that died in the Senate and cost him the Vice Presidency.

Oh yeah, he wants to repeal Obamacare too. Sure to get a favorable endorsement from the Ayn Rand crowd, the budget is dead on arrival with even fellow Republicans admitting openly they really don't care what they cut and who it effects.

Ryan could learn a thing or two from Chris Christie on compromising and being willing work across the aisle. But he hasn't and he won't. Ryan is still in the same November bubble - only this time, no one is really paying attention.