Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thanks A Lot Van Wanggaard

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports this morning that a majority of republican state senators are against Scott Walker's brazen expansion of school vouchers in his budget.

On the issue of special education vouchers - even more so.

Built in to the budget is a hefty increase to voucher funding that could spread to nine communities in Wisconsin. That has a few senators pretty nervous because some of those communities are ones they represent.

See, it's not that some of their voters love public schools - they don't. But what they like less is their tax money going to private and religious entities - especially ones that aren't accountable. At least now they can show up at school board meetings and filibuster that crap during public comments - at St. Dunkin Donuts - not so much.

This is all quite ironic for the folks of the Belle City who got school vouchers shoved up our ass without so much as a hearing on whether we wanted it or not. Nope, Vos and big dumb buddy, Van Wanggaard, held the door wide open for school vouchers in Racine.

This fall, the evil cabal is complete as the cap on vouchers becomes unlimited.

Perhaps there is a connection between this new voucher nervousness among senators and the one town who got vouchers last go round? Is it that Wanggaard was the only guy who lost his job last June - replaced by a former senator AND school teacher?

Something to keep in mind as he plans his comeback in 2014 - if Samantha Kerkman doesn't beat him to it. At least she can say she didn't fuck over Racine schools. So cheers to the Madison republicans who aren't willing to swallow the voucher kool-aid - your careers may depend on it.