Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Journal Times: Sucking Hard

The Racine Journal Times didn't always suck. They had some years when they were actually quite good - and to be fair, occasionally they have days where they are acceptable in tone and rhetoric.

Having been bought and sold and in and (sort of) out bankruptcy, the Racine Journal Times is owned by Lee Enterprises. Lee owns a number of newspapers in Wisconsin and is the 7th largest newspaper company in the U.S.

Lee Enterprises acts like most corporations with an emphasis on the bottom line - who can blame them? These days are tough for printed news.

(Lee is also a bit infamous in our state for owning the River Valley Newspaper Group in Wisconsin who just last year shipped their advertising design department overseas leaving workers in La Crosse without jobs. Remember that when you are writing out your subscription checks, kids.)

One thing Lee Enterprises is known for is not moving around or interfering much with editorial staff - most of their papers have circulations below 30,000 (a number the JT wishes they had these days) So when one reads the daily editorial - it is coming from the Racine staff and not Davenport - or wherever their home office is. That is also why when they print dumb, biased and factually lazy editorials it is so infuriating.

The Sunday editorial is a perfect example.

"Mr. President, we need you to lead" titles yet another whiny Obama piece which is nothing more than a string of quotes from other sources and a few rebuttal comments to those quotes. LAZY. What it also lacks are facts and context to the reality of the sequestration cuts coming down upon our heads because Washington failed to compromise.

Anyone who has followed this story the last few weeks already knows Congress went home without even considering bringing a bill to the floor. John Boehner has made a lot of noise about how the Congress has voted on two budgets - and they have, just not in this session. The Democrats bill in the Senate has been filibustered by Republicans.

Boehner got called out on Meet the Press just this morning for repeating the lie that president Obama has not offered up a plan - at least someone in the press decided to do some homework. For those of you sweet readers who aren't quite ready to swallow whole the JT's bullshit "Obama's not leading" meme - you can actually read the President's plan which Republican's and the Journal Times pretend does not exist.