Saturday, March 9, 2013

There Will Be No Mine

Copper Falls State Park -  near the proposed mining site.
I you happen to live up in Rhinelander, you can go and watch Scott Walker triumphantly sign his name to the corporately bought and very contentious mining bill on Monday, March 11th. at the Oldenburg Group Inc. - 3600 Lakeshore Lane, Manufacturing Floor from 1:20 to 2:20 pm.

Don't expect to be let in - this ain't for you.

However, if you miss the big event, don't worry about it because there is never going to be a mine. Never ever, nein, no way.

The Siren doesn't say this because she dislike mines (we do) but because the best state legislature David Koch, Dick DeVos, the Walmart Waltons and the Bradley Foundation could buy - can't write a bill that passes a beginner law school class to save their lily white asses.

Seriously, they should get some kind of refund.

If you listened to any of the mining bill debate in Madison on the wonderful Wisconsin Eye, you heard Democrat after Democrat explaining to their deaf colleagues across the aisle how the bill was unconstitutional. You also heard them propose dozens of amendments that would have actually helped the bill - not just from unraveling environmental protections but also to align itself with federal law.

Republicans voted down every amendment. No surprise.

So while Republicans high-five and their supporters slap each other on the backs for sticking it to the tree-huggers, they don't seem to realize (or they don't care) the mine will never be built. It will be stuck in litigation for years and cost the state hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal expenses.

Whoohoo, but we won!

If Republicans and supporters of the mine really wanted the jobs and the profits a mine might provide the state, they would have written a good bill - one that wasn't so obviously illegal.

If I were a Republican, I'd be a little bit disappointed in my GOP representation.

Toss it on the pile with Act 10, voter ID and the ongoing revelations in the redistricting shenanigans - just another Republican "big idea" that died in court paid for by the people.


H/T Blue Cheddar