Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Vossy Pops A Cap In Walker's Ass

In the dairyland version of "Meet the Press," state assembly leader, Robin Vos, (or as we like to think of him - Satan) met with the Milwaukee Press Club on Monday to have a few lunch-meat sandwiches and discuss his thoughts on world peace.

Spoiler alert: He doesn't have any.

Satan was asked about Scott Walker's campaign promise of 250,000 new jobs in Wisconsin during his first term. Realizing a reply of "Scott who?" wasn't gonna fly, Vossy laid down some street-style jiu-jitsu shizz that made the reporters laugh in spite of the precarious nature of their profession.

Vossy said the the pledge of 250,000 jobs was more of a goal dawg. It was Walker's promise not the assembly's promise.
(-1 point - everyone remembers it was a promise. +1 for deferring responsibility.)

Vossy said it was going to be tough for Walker to meet the "goal" because private companies are increasing efficiency and that means they are letting people go.
(-1 for lying. +1 for making up such a cold-ass lie.)

Vossy also said private companies weren't adding employees because they were trying to stay below the 49 employee mark so they won't have to participate in Obamacare.
(+100 for blaming their failures on Obama - again. -100 for blaming their failures on Obama - again.)

So much for republican "tools" that would make the Wisconsin economy "take off like a rocket." The reporters were too busy eating their free lunch to ask Satan about that one.