Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Walker's Dismal Jobs Figures Garner Crickets On The Right

Scott Walker has had complete control over Wisconsin for two years now - plenty of time to test his bold plans for the state.

Spoiler alert: it's not working.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics came out with updated job growth numbers on Monday as well as a state by state comparison.

Wisconsin has remained at 44th out of 50 for the last year. Bad enough news, however, when compared to our neighboring states, the picture is even more depressing.

Illinois ranks 30th, Iowa at 24th, Michigan at 12th, Minnesota at 10th and Indiana ranked 9th out of 50.

Many a smarter blogger in Wisconsin has looked at the report and given ample reasons for Walker's failure. What the Siren finds interesting is the utter silence from the right - it's like a grave out there. Seriously, even Charlie Sykes pay-per-view website is talking about everything else but jobs: vouchers, white power, vouchers. Crickets on jobs.

Weren't jobs supposed to be priority No.1 this session?

RWNJ's had a little thrill over the weekend when boy wonder came in 6th at the CPAC straw poll for President. They love the idea of talking about "President Walker" since it most definitely is not a discussion about "Governor Walker" (cough, cough, WEDC, Darlene Wink, Michael Best, cough, cough).

But then a blushing Walker refused to commit to fulfilling his next term for Governor should he decide to be a candidate for the White House. Huh?

Oh, and then the son of a preacher-man came out (heh) on Sunday to say that marriage equality was losing issue for republicans. What the fuck man?! THAT is NOT what they wanted to hear!

So here it is - a new week, with a fresh batch of shitty job numbers for Wisconsin and Scott Walker and from the right there is silence.

Enjoy it while you can.