Monday, April 1, 2013

Emergency Rules Now In Effect

The Wisconsin Department of Administration published new state emergency rules yesterday that go into effect today. Among one of the new emergency rules is a list of parameters for permits in the State Capitol building in Madison. Basically, the emergency rules give the Wisconsin State Capitol Police enhanced discretion over who gets a permit to be in the Capitol building.

 How is this an emergency? Well a group of hippy-types keep coming in to the building at noon for a sing along. Yes, singing. No, this isn't an April Fools joke - but it should be.

The solidarity sing along has taken place since March 2011 and capitol police have given out well over 100 citations to the singers - all of which have been thrown out of court. Since ticketing the singers has not intimidated them, a new set of rules is needed on usage of the rotunda to keep them out. The Department of Administration has penned new (emergency) rules for the State Capitol building to specifically address singing.  

Our favorite section (page 8) of the emergency rules is the one that states:

"I. Further clarify that even common materials can pose a hazard when used or deployed in a hazardous manner."
Yes, you can carry a gun in the Capitol building - but wearing a garden hat with overly big flowers might pose a dangerous hazard. What an absolute bunch of fools.