Saturday, April 6, 2013

Gun Nuts Get Pistol Whipped By City Hall

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At the Racine Common Council meeting last week, city aldermen voted to amend the Mayor's executive order that no guns may be present in the City Hall building. The executive order allowed law enforcement, naturally, but ever since then there has been a persistent discussion from a few aldermen who feel the rule is too restrictive.

Too restrictive in the sense they cannot have a firearm - not the public.

The Siren hates guns - all guns - and would like to see every single one melted down. Wanna hunt? Go get a bow and arrow and have at it. Otherwise get out of my face about your 2nd Amendment rights - we don't give a shit.

Sadly that is not going to happen, so we must travel to that annoying land of stale air, fluorescent lighting and cheap formica known as reality. Even if not another single gun was manufactured - there are still millions of them out there.

So, back to the aldermen. A few aldermen claimed they felt unsafe and wanted to have the option of carrying a concealed firearm whilst they were in the building. So they made the motions and sent it back and forth to committee or whatever the flip they do over there and it was slated to be voted on last week.

When the Siren heard about this measure, we wondered to our self, what the heck are they so afraid of? I mean seriously - this is Racine, Wisconsin. Their imagined importance and danger is totally exaggerated.

Why does anyone at City Hall think they might have to defend themselves from the public?!

Lou D'Abbraccio and his little friend.

Tamra Varebrook taking aim at...?
Oh. So maybe we were wrong.

Pictured on the left is Lou D'Abbraccio, one of the people who showed up last week to object to the measure allowing only elected officials and law enforcement to carry a firearm in City Hall.

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a photo of D'Abbraccio making his public comment - we don't want to give our readers the wrong impression of this guy. This is one of D'Abbraccio's Facebook profile photos he uses to illustrate his interest in gardening, knitting and stamp collecting.

It's amazing what you can tell about a person from one single photo, isn't it?

The photo on the right is fake Democrat, Tamra Varebrook. Again, this is NOT the photo the JT used of Varebrook in which she wore a pink concealed carry Wisconsin t-shirt.

This photo is from her Twitter account - notice the pink earmuffs - because shooting an assault rifle at a piece of paper shaped like a human is really girly.

Tamra has lots of pictures of herself and her girlfriends shooting guns with pink earmuffs.

Afterward, they go get a mani-pedi.

We didn't have to hack in to any account to get these pictures - they are public and available for anyone to see. Because people like these two knuckleheads think this is a perfectly acceptable representation of who they are as adults and citizens.

They are so deep inside the gun nut culture it doesn't even dawn on them that regular people find this kind of shit scary and disturbing - and even if we had ever frequented a shooting range, with or without pink earmuffs, we wouldn't post them online for our children, neighbors and co-workers to see.

D'Abbraccio, Varebrook and their friends were incensed that elected officials made a rule to exclude them from carrying firearms in City Hall because they are "law abiding citizens" with no apparent clue that it is THEM the aldermen are afraid of...and it's not as if they are doing much to persuade any one otherwise.

Fellow enthusiast -who can't have a gun because he's a felon - Wayne Clingman, writes about City Hall on his creepy blog and compares the Mayor to Stalin, Goebbels and Romanian Dictator, Nicolae CeauČ™escu. He wonders aloud whether the Common Council will stop him first, and ends the post with video of Nicolae CeauČ™escu being shot to death by revolutionaries.

Creepy, creepy shit.

Everyone around City Hall knows the Mayor's office had to install a door buzzer going back to the City Attorney's office mainly because of dramatic and angry visits by Wanggaard BFF, Mike Ottelein - the newly convicted contractor and friend of D'Abbraccio.

So is the Common Counsel really exaggerating potential risks to their safety?

Someone else who liked pictures of himself and a gun.
Over the last two weeks, a prison official was murdered at his front door and two elected officials in Texas were shot and killed. A Sheriff was shot point blank outside a West Virginia court house. All public officials and some tied to white supremacist groups.

Some of those groups are active in Wisconsin.

JFK, Harvey Milk, Gabby Giffords, Ronald Reagan. The history of violence against public officials is long AND recent. People sometimes shoot them, and yet we haven't noticed any trend of violence against low level Republican operatives.

None at all.

So, gun nuts in Racine are really angry that a few Alderman might want to have a concealed handgun in City Hall. They feel it is unfair that someone has a gun and they don't. They don't feel safe in the presence of those guns.

Now they know how the rest of us feel when we're around them.