Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Like Wisconsin, Election Results A Mixed Bag Of Nuts

Oh Wisconsin, you're a bipolar mistress aren't you?

So the spring elections are over and the results are as varied as we have come to expect in the Dairy Land.

Supreme Court Justice, Patience Roggensack, won another 10 year term over newcomer, Ed Fallone. The respected law professor did not have much of a chance and was out-spent by at least 2 to 1. Proving it is very hard to unseat an incumbent...even a bad one.

Roggensack took home 57% of the vote, much to the dismay of those hoping to flip the sentiments of the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Fallone was a decent candidate - take heart and don't forget, Patience lost her first time out too.

Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tony Evers, trounced Don Pridemore, 61% to 39% - again the incumbent prevails mightily. However, the cross-over of political ideology is vexing isn't it? Perhaps Pridemore's school-voucher in every hand and a gun in every pocket was just too radical for the appetite of the average cheesehead.

Folk's don't mind a conservative but not a whack-job leading their schools.

Both referendum items lost in Racine - no surprises here. Gateway's ask of $49 million lost by 60% and the city of Racine's tax cap increase lost by 77%. Same day voter registration resolutions in Milwaukee won by 73% - a blow to those who'd like nothing better than to monkey around with Wisconsin election laws.

Mike Shields retained his Racine Common Council seat in spite of the tax hike referendum he suggested and the totally bitchy election day commentary by Racine Mayor, John Dickert - saying he didn't support Shield's tax increase. (I mean there is passive/aggressive and then there is aggressive/aggressive.) Shields beat newcomer, Jessica Servantez. We think this may not be the last we hear of her.

Teabilly darling, Ed Diehl, edged out Alderman, Robert Mozol, by what looks to be 24 votes. We're figuring most voters didn't realize Diehl was part of the Racine teabilly movement. Perhaps he can use his new influence to begin collecting some delinquent taxes from his tea party friends.

Of course the big news in Racine was the Coe/Fair election in the first district.

Jeff Coe buried Keith Fair with 67% of the vote. In spite of the best efforts of Fair's friends to gloss over his battery and strangulation charges, Fair's grandstanding just wore on people's patience and they voted him out.

Coe is no fan of John Dickert, so don't start thinking things will be quiet downtown.

Mt. Pleasant shuffled the deck - in what was perhaps the most depressing slate of candidates ever. One bright spot - crazy, David DeGroot, will be the newest trustee in Mt. Pleasant. That poses the promise of some truly entertaining public board meetings. We can't wait to find out who he calls an "ingrate" or a "thug" first!

Caledonia got a new president and dodged two bullets by passing on Ed Willing and Richard Frazier for trustee positions. Once again: conservatives are fine, whack-jobs are not so much.

Voters in Kenosha and Burlington passed on tea party zealots for school board as did Racine. Big winner and recall signature king, Mike Frontier, took home the most votes in a field of six followed by incumbents, Julie McKenna and Chris Eperjesy.

The Racine Tea Party initially endorsed Chris Eperjesy this winter. The Siren guesses they must not have interviewed him and assumed because he had a corporate job, he was a conservative.

Progressives around town who knew Eperjesy just let them carry on without saying a word. Once the forums began and the teabillies heard what Eperjesy had to say, they started promoting poor ol' Roger Pfost instead. By the time the union endorsements came out - it was too late.

Oh, how it must have burned their eyeballs to read his remarks on his election this morning:
“I think Racine has a lot of problems that we all need to come together to work to figure out solutions for and I think a lot of that revolves around poverty and I talked about that a lot and I think people agree,”
Oh no! Not poverty! It burns! It burns! How could we have voted for someone who cares about poverty?!

April fools indeed.