Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mr. "Victims Of Government" Won't Allow Vote For Victims of Gun Violence

Ron Johnson, aka the luckiest dumb rich guy alive, has launched a new video "series" highlighting citizens who have been victims of governmental bureaucracy and red tape. So far it is a "series" of one video, but let's not quibble with the mentally challenged.

The idea behind it is to show that sometimes people can get caught in a snafu of illogical regulations and conflicting rules when trying to navigate governmental services and departments. And that's not a bad thing. It's just as one of 100 very elite government representatives, it's a little like Mark Zuckerberg spending a bunch of time trying to point out to people the various ways Facebook makes you stupid.

Johnson, in his way, is attempting to illustrate how sometimes democracy doesn't serve "the people" very well.

Which is why it is totally bizarre and completely stupid that in the same week he signed on to a letter with around a dozen other U.S. senators saying they will filibuster any attempt by Senate leader, Harry Reid, to bring to the floor any and all debate on gun safety regulation.

Johnson isn't saying he'll vote no, which he will, he's saying he'll use a procedural trick to prevent legislation to even be discussed. No debate for the thousands of people killed since Newtown. No vote for the people of Oak Creek and Brookfield - who he represents in the Senate.

It you are a poor schmuck in Illinois who can't get approved to have a pond in a flood plain, Ron Johnson will make of movie about your life and hold you up as a victim of governmental malice. But if you are the parent of a child shot in the face at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Ron Johnson is gonna make sure that democracy is held hostage against you.

No discussion, no debate, no vote.

Ron Johnson knows he cannot vote for universal background checks even though over 90% of the population (and the NRA of yesteryear) supports it, lest he raise the ire of the teabilly extremists who helped get him elected. A" no" vote on background checks will haunt him in his next election in the way his video testimony against children who were sexually abused by priests never could - and he knows it.

So, Ron Johnson needs to make sure that vote never happens.

Rojo may have his victim of government, but we are all victims of Ron Johnson.