Thursday, April 4, 2013

Put Down The Koch, Glenn Grothman

Oh God, he's such a moron.

Glenn Grothman and little buddy in the assembly, Dean Kaufert, announced on Monday - April Fool's Day - the newest school choice bullshit legislation written by the CATO Institute (Koch) and American Federation for Children (Walmart).

These two ding-a-lings are proposing tax credits for families who send their kids to private schools. Read that again, please.

Got it? There was no typo.

Tax credits for families, and only for families, who send their kids to a private school.

See, in states that haven't greeted school vouchers with open arms, the school privatization crowd came up with an alternative plan - a back-door incentive to lure kids away from public schools. This works really well in states that actually have constitutional prohibitions against spending public dollars on religious institutions that teach things that aren't true - like creationism and don't want gay kids in their schools - like Shoreland Lutheran in Somers.

There is not a lot of debate that vouchers suck - which is why Republicans across the state are balking big-time to Scott Walker's massive voucher expansion. Grothman's plan is actually worse.


On its face, it looks like modest relief for families trying to make tuition payments. But since the tax break doesn't cover the entire tuition bill, financially strapped families who don't have the income to make up the difference get shut out.

Pretty convenient for those looking to escape struggling low income public schools.

There is no word yet what the projected revenue loss would be - but since Scott Walker is already putting a billion on the credit card so he can run for president - who cares?