Monday, April 15, 2013

Vos: Hoisted By His Own Flaming Petard

Someone in Robin Vos' past must have done a number on him at school. Was it his rodent-like expressions? His small, ferret-style fingers? Or was it his higher-pitched contralto long after the other boy's voices had changed?

Something made Robin Vos hate public schools so much that years later he is still lying about them.

Little Lord Pops-the-Corn got caught telling whopper in order to sell Scott Walker's statewide school voucher program that no one wants.

In his speaker's briefing video:
"In 2012, 1 in 4 Wisconsin schools had a subpar score on the Department of Public Instruction’s recent report cards" and are "failing" the children they serve."
Not only was his statement factually incorrect, but his use of the DPI's report card as proof is false - earning him a "Pant's On Fire" rating from Politifact.

According to the DPI, 4% of Wisconsin schools are failing to meet expectations and if you are generous, you can add an extra 10% who are meeting some, but not all expectations. That's 14% who need to do better and a long way from the 25% Vos says are failing.

Not noted by Politifact, but also a bunch of bullshit, is the private high school graduation rate Vossy touts. Private high schools DO graduate more kids - because they don't have to provide services for special needs and they get to kick out kids that might drag their graduation rate down. It's a line nearly everyone knows is crap - but that doesn't stop him from repeating it.

Wisconsinites do not want statewide voucher schools. Parents in some mighty red districts are getting very upset and letting their representatives know, which in turn makes republican politicians nervous. That requires Vos to lie about the very legislation he is trying to push.

The Siren doesn't think it's going to work - but it sure is entertaining watching him dance.