Thursday, May 9, 2013

Cautionary Whale: 2 Guys In Racine Who Have Never Met Get Half-Million To Start Voucher School

If you live in Wisconsin and you find yourself in a community that may qualify for the expansion of Scott Walker's school voucher program - you need to read this.

Last year, news sources in Wisconsin reported about the Racine voucher high-school that was so mismanaged they didn't pay teachers for months and ultimately closed.

St. John Fisher Academy was kaput within a year at an undisclosed cost of tax-payer money.

This year, we have Evergreen Elementary School who first came on the radar after one of the guys operating the school discovered his partner in the school had filed bankruptcy from reading it in the paper!

This morning's update on the school in the Journal Times makes it pretty clear these two men have quite possibly never met in real life.

They contradicted each other on who was going to get paid or not, how much and whether or not the bankrupt guy is actually playing a part in running the school.

His partner is not particularly worried about the inconsistencies - mostly because he is putting up about $20,000 of his own money and the State of Wisconsin is providing the rest - $470,000.

So for an amount less than the cost of a used car - that one could put on a personal Visa card - Wisconsin will give you a half million dollars to start a voucher school with no experience while your partner, who you may not actually know, files bankruptcy.

You can't even refinance your own house with a track record like that - but in Wisconsin now, you are qualified to run a school.

ALL of the students at Evergreen Elementary School will be voucher students because no one would be stupid enough to put down any of their own money on this circus - as of yet no one has applied to attend the school. Apparently no one is stupid enough to put down free money either...yet.