Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Minnesota Pwns Wisconsin...Again

A tale of two states. Yesterday, Minnesota legalized marriage equality - making it the 12th state to do so. Congratulations!

Wisconsin, on the other hand, made it twice as hard for unemployed people to stay on unemployment insurance by doubling the number of job search quotas needed each week.

Yes, the Badger State being 44th in job creation in the nation and DEAD LAST in short-term job growth is telling the beleaguered workers of Wisconsin to hop to it by implementing one of the toughest unemployment requirements in the nation...as if the people who are out of work in the Dairyland are just not searching hard enough for employment.

In case you hadn't noticed, Minnesota is kicking our ass lately and not just by being more gay friendly. As a state which is a mirror image of Wisconsin with a Democratically controlled legislature and governor's mansion - our neighbor is beating us in wages, unemployment and job growth:

Scott Walker likes to point out that taxes and higher income are not an asset - all evidence to the contrary.