Monday, May 6, 2013

This Is What Happens When You Let A Dropout Run Your State

Scott Walker thinks he might like to be President of the United States. He thinks this because he is really rather dumb - having dropped out of Marquette University to start a family...3 years later.

There has been no President in modern times who did not graduate college - none since Harry Truman - and he dropped two atomic bombs on Japan, so that experiment is over.

Walker apparently thinks his lack of education doesn't disqualify him from thinking he could be President. That's okay, there are plenty of other things that do disqualify him.

Within the last week, several new reports about mismanagement and illegal activity have surfaced through an audit of Walker's campaign baby, WEDC (Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation). The creation of this quasi-private/public hybrid is as tied to Walker and his campaign as his promise of creating 250,000 new Wisconsin jobs. Walker serves as chairman of WEDC.

Auditors have found just about everything an organization can do wrong at WEDC - misappropriating funds, giving contracts willy-nilly and generally not following the law. Millions of taxpayer dollars have gone unattended - hundreds of millions. Very embarrassing for the guy with the brown-bag lunch.

When WEDC secretary, Reed Hall, was asked about the troubling discrepancies - the CEO of WEDC was not available to comment because he quit after 24 hours - Hall said he was not sure WEDC had actually broken the law since it was a private entity and perhaps not beholden to the same regulations and state statutes as governmental agencies.

(Note: Walker's administration may want to work on that messaging before the 2014 campaign starts - the Siren thinks they may have a hard time convincing even their base that Badger tickets and iTunes gift cards bought with public money are a-okay.)

Then, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce downgraded Wisconsin in their national survey of business-happy states. Well, "downgraded" is not quite the word we're searching for since they ranked Wisconsin 44th in Performance - a downgrade of 41. Yes, you read that correctly, Wisconsin was ranked 3rd last year.

(Note: It could be the Chamber ranked Wisconsin on a curve going into the recall election - after all they poured plenty of money in to Walker's campaign - either way, the love is gone now.)

Worse, the Chamber went on to list Wisconsin as 50th - meaning last - in short term job growth. Ugh. All this comes on the heels of nearly 1,000 jobs lost in the state over the last few days. Double Ugh.

Never fear, there is one area in which Wisconsin ranks #1 - Jobs sent overseas.

Scott Walker has taken Wisconsin from 11th in job growth to 44th since he came in to office. He's going to have a very a hard time 'splaining the disasters of his mismanagement this time next year.