Thursday, May 30, 2013

Victims Of Government, Senator Johnson?

Senator Ron Johnson has unveiled a new initiative called "Victims of Government" to highlight regular Joe's who have been mired in governmental regulation and red-tape which has prevented them from achieving the American Dream - or to look like he's actually doing something in D.C. except getting bitch-slapped by Hillary Clinton during committee hearings.

We'll let you be the judge.

As a member of an elite group of government officials, Johnson named his "Victims of Government" meme with the no-nothing tone-deafness of a guy who views his employer (us) with a kind of disdain that only a man with vast personal wealth can.

Imagine a stock clerk at a Target store sets up a website and inquiry of people who have been wronged and cheated by the Target Corporation while on company time. Rivers of tears following a rather rapid dismissal would not be forthcoming.

But, back to the victims...

Johnson chose his inaugural victim as Catherine Engelbrecht, whose organization is no less than the King Street Patriots and True the Vote, based in Texas. He even narrated a video telling her "story" over a creepy music track - just in case you didn't know it was supposed to be scary.

Catherine, according to Rojo, is just a mom and small business owner who was wrongly ensnared by IRS zealots. She was caught in a nightmare of IRS inquisition and still has not received her non-profit status. Catherine just wants to live the American dream bitches!

Except Johnson left out a few details about Catherine, her organization and also her weird connection to Wisconsin.

See, just last year a judge in Texas (TEXAS!) determined the King Street Patriots were not a charitable organization but actually a political action committee - meaning their list of donors could not be kept a secret. That did not go over well with the likes of the Bradley Foundation who provided just about half of the True the Vote revenue. (Yes, that's the Wisconsin Bradley Foundation.)

You may also remember the appearance of True the Vote during the recall election in Wisconsin which tried to serve on behalf of Scott Walker and other Republicans by submitting 63,000 signatures they determined to be fraudulent - because that's what charitable organizations do, right? It didn't fly with the GAB either.

Not content with their Madison rebuff, True the Vote launched a "poll observer" training program in Wisconsin in anticipation of the recall election day - most notably in Racine - where they were caught (on tape) coordinating with the Racine County Republican Party. On election day last June, they broke so many polling place rules the Wisconsin GAB issued new guidance and regulations for poll observers ahead of the November elections.

This is Catherine Engelbrecht's group - that Ron Johnson chose to portray as a "victim."

There are several other investigations in other states regarding True the Vote's voter suppression activities - but it is worth mentioning and highly interesting that Senator Johnson chose THIS group as his initial example of government overreach.

It is the Siren's opinion that charges by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin should have been filed against them last year...*sigh* if. They are exactly the kind of group that should be investigated MORE by the IRS, not less.

Perhaps someone will ask Our Dumb Senator how he came to choose Catherine Engelbrecht to canonize.