Friday, May 10, 2013

Village Of Mt. Pleasant: And Awaaay We Go!

Mt. Pleasant President, Mark Gleason.
Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the Mark Gleason Show brought to you by Brylcreem and the "Good 'Ol Boys Network" with special guest star and perennially re-hired out of retirement former police chief, Kurt Wahlen, darling of the GOP.

Mark Gleason pulled a fast one this week as new president of Mt. Pleasant by calling a closed session board meeting to discuss the hiring of a village administrator - which turned out not to be a discussion, but an interview of an unnamed single candidate.

When village trustees inquired ahead of the board meeting who the candidate was - they were told they would find out once they went into the closed session.

Not exactly a trust building exercise for the beleaguered board.

Coincidentally former police chief, Kurt Wahlen, was hidden away for yet another interview which would reanimate his career - now as Mt. Pleasant village administrator.

So the problem beyond Gleason's smug response to trustee's concern about transparency, is that clearly he knew he had the votes to hire in his personal friend, even though the board previously voted to not consider Wahlen for the job. Gleason refused to tell trustees who they would be discussing and it was up to them whether or not they wished to attend the closed session - he had his votes.

Gleason has made a mistake however. Since he has decided to come straight out of the gate behaving exactly the way his detractors predicted he would behave - there is going to be a lot of attention paid to every thing he does by local press and Mt. Pleasant residents.

Listen to the audio tape - it's just a preview of the fun coming your way, Mt. Pleasant. And awaaay we go!