Monday, May 20, 2013

Who The Hell Is Jeremy Thiesfeldt And How Did He Get Elected?

The Siren loves a politician who requires no mocking photoshop of his visage because they already are one...Monday morning time savers.

Who the hell is Jeremy Thiesfeldt and why does he hate medicine so much? Good lord, we know the teabillies spawned a class of flat earth, climate deniers, but Thiesfeldt may be the first true medicine denier yet.

If you haven't heard, the Fond Du Lac representative is making his mark - aside from being one of five legislators named in a lawsuit filed by the Center for Media and Democracy and Common Cause for illegally having all his ALEC related, pre-written corporation approved legislation sent directly to his personal email account - thus avoiding open records requests and for brazenly supporting school vouchers in his home district to the growing discomfort of his constituents - as a guy who really hates healthcare.

Thiesfeldt has two bills circulating which are so bizarre - and we live in Wisconsin - that we can't help but wonder what the good people of Fond Du Lac were thinking.

First is his freedom from flu-shots for people who work with sick people bill - making it illegal to require flu shots for health care workers. Even though all work places in Wisconsin allow exemptions for flu shots and there is no record of anyone ever being fired for not getting a flu shot. Thiesfeldt finds this to be an urgent and pressing example of big government overreach.

Seriously, why should healthcare workers be forced to create a healthier and safer environment for folks at risk from viruses?

Second, is Thiesfeldt's completely banana-pants crazy legislation that municipalities must set aside retirement health care costs beginning on the first day of employment or stop offering post-retirement benefits. Keep in mind, municipalities are forbidden from exercising a tax levy to pay for the millions they would be required to set aside aside for a worker who won't retire for perhaps a couple of decades.

Gee, do you suppose Thiesfeldt's goal is to end retirement health care for public workers? Even the Journal Times thinks this is a fucked up idea.

We may never know if Thiesfeldt was just a childhood victim or an overzealous pediatrician that makes him hate medicine so much or perhaps he is just passing along some more fill-in-the-blank legislation from his new friends at ALEC that has gone to his AOL email. This dude definitely has issues.