Thursday, May 2, 2013

Wisconsin Church Bullies Packer Star

Everybody loves LeRoy Butler - everybody. Butler, credited with inventing the "Lambeau Leap" is a legend in Wisconsin - and by all accounts a really good guy.

Butler raises money for breast cancer research and gives inspirational speeches on bullying - a subject he knows something about as a youth in leg braces and a wheelchair.

However, when he took to his twitter account to tweet congratulations to NBA star, Jason Collins, for bravely coming out as a gay basketball superstar - one Wisconsin church didn't think too highly of Butler's praise.

The church had scheduled to host Butler this summer for an event on bullying. When they got wind of Butler's twitter comment, they asked him to remove it, apologize and ask for forgiveness - otherwise they'd cancel the event.

Butler chose otherwise.

Apparently, LeRoy Butler does know something about bullies. Butler has chosen not to name the church (to the pastor's relief), but it is only a matter of time before it gets revealed by someone who knows.

The Siren thinks the church and it's members can believe in whatever they want and they are free to hire whoever they want to speak at their church functions. However, their relief - no matter how temporary - at being anonymous makes us think they are not so very proud of those beliefs. At least not nearly as proud as Jason Collins and LeRoy Butler are of theirs.