Friday, June 28, 2013

Koch Gala Night? No, It's Just The Walker Budget

Budget Day is almost here and the anticipation is mounting. What will Scott Walker veto? How much did the event host donate to the campaign and what will Walker wear?

Answers: Not much, $40,000 and Haggar from Kohls.

Not many are very happy considering this budget tops in spending any budget proposed by Jim Doyle, cuts revenue and continues borrowing against the future.

Liberals and teabillies alike are sounding the alarm and telling their supporters it's not too late to help (donate) to change Scott Walker's mind on some of the most damaging aspects of the budget. It's too late. Walker knows exactly what he's going to do on Sunday and he doesn't give a fig how many times you call or email his office.

He never did.

Like Rick Perry, Bob McDonnell and Tom Corbett, Walker is slowly cooking his own goose. As we have said many times before - get out of the man's way. If Walker chooses to deny health care, undermine public schools, give tax breaks to the wealthiest and spend money like David Koch's wife on crack - then let him!

He can ride his high-speed calamity in to the spring of 2014 when the people of the state start to take a careful inventory of how Wisconsin stacks up to our neighbors. The news won't be good...for him.