Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Schmaling Gets A Schmearful At Listening Session In Racine

Racine County Sheriff, Chris Schmaling  faced a very large and very concerned group of the Hispanic community last night at Emmaus Lutheran Church.

Approximately 500 people attended the listening session which included Schmaling and city of Racine Police Chief, Art Howell, to discuss community concerns of racial profiling and discrimination in the Hispanic community.

Schmaling frustrated the audience by performing his "Dudley Do-Right" impression - that is such a favorite with the teabilly crowd - spouting off arrest statistics and "we only target crime not skin color" bullshit too fast for the interpreter to relay in Spanish.

Which of course is the problem isn't it? No sense of respect.

Everyone knows that Mrs. Junior League in her minivan only gets pulled over when she's doing something so noticeable that a cop is compelled into action. On the other hand, when the same cop sees Mr. Jesus going by - he looks for something that might be a reason to stop him - like a crucifix hanging from the rear-view mirror. The white lady gets pulled over because of her actions, the brown guy gets pulled over because of his skin. That's racial profiling.

It also explains the vast difference in the crowd's attitude between Schmaling and Howell. Howell knows a thing or two about being judged first because of one's skin color - he knows it's real.

So, is Sheriff Schmaling going to change his mind and admit that racial profiling exists in the Sheriff's department? Hell no.

But he may want to recognize that 500 people showed up on a Monday night to bitch at him - and they weren't bused in from elsewhere - they live here and they vote.