Monday, June 3, 2013

State Republicans Eating Their Own

The Siren could never, ever feel a bit of sympathy for Little Lord Pops-the-Corn, Robin Vos - king of douchie smug vendors - but we came close. In listening to Charlie Sykes (a colossally bigger douche) fry Vos' testicles for lunch on his radio show last Friday.

James Rowen, over at the Political Environment and JS's Purple Wisconsin Blog, did a fantastic summary of the conversation which played out a little like an S&M phone interlude in which Vos was the bottom.

The audio recording is HERE. Amyl nitrate is optional.

Aside from the queasy big daddy domination was Vos' assertion that a billion dollar deficit's (as projected in Dale Kooyenga's doubling of Scott Walker's budget tax cuts - that Sykes loves) is "perfectly fine" with him.

Hmmm. That seems to be a bit of a contradiction - and a big no-no to deficit watchers which the teabillies claim to be. If boasting your checkbook is balanced while you charge your groceries, rent and gas on a credit card seems a little risky - then you have fully mastered understanding the Scott Walker 2013 budget.

So why would Robin Vos - Boss Vos - as dullards and sycophants like to call him, bother to lick Charlie Sykes boots on the radio? Well, it's either that Sykes is indeed the real leader of the Republican Party...or Vos likes it like that.

Either way - ew.