Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wanggaard Opens Campaign Office 14+ Miles From His House

While the Siren was so very happy to see John Lehman take his Wisconsin State Senate seat back from the doughnut eating, Van Wanggaard, we were a little sad at our loss. Some of our most favorite photoshops were of the Suburban driving, letter losing, former police officer.

Well, we are sad no more because good ol' Wanny has opened a campaign office to relaunch his bid to take back Wisconsin's 21st Senate district - after all, Little Lord Pops-the Corn drew the district just for him.

If you take a look at the map above, everything in purple and orange is the 21st Senate district. You will see that Wanny's house is all the way on the right hand side - literally a half-block from the district border. 

Whoo! Three more houses and he wouldn't live in the district at all!

Because the 21st District was designed to be a "rural" (read RED) district, the overwhelming majority of it is located out in the county. Most of the folks who will be voting for (or against) Wanny don't live im his neighborhood - so having a campaign office in Racine is not a very convenient plan.

Wanny's handlers chose Union Grove as the center of Van 2.0 - convenient for voters - not so much for Van, who will need to drive more than 14 miles in his 3rd world glut Suburban SUV just to say "howdy."

Since a surprising number of Van's most loyal supporters are out of jobs - perhaps he can line up his own GOP car service. That way he might be able to keep better track of his correspondence.

Great to have you back Van!