Wednesday, June 12, 2013

WI GOP Rebranding: Mandatory Transvaginal Ultrasounds For Women

Before you finished your first cup of coffee, the Wisconsin Senate voted along party lines to require women seeking an abortion to undergo a mandatory transvaginal ultrasound procedure and to also require the doctor - under legal penalty - to show it to her.

The woman may choose to not look at the ultrasound image - but that they chose to insert this language is kinda telling isn't it?

"Can we MAKE them look at the image? No? Well then we'll make the doctors perform the procedure and let the patients look away. That's not overreaching, right?" Right.

Pictured above is what a transvaginal ultrasound looks like when it is being used. As you can see it's not exactly like like an ear exam. It's pretty invasive - especially if you don't need or want one. Combine this with the fact that around 30% of abortions are performed medically - with pills - this is really invasive.

The lunatics in Madison like the bill's author, Mary Lazich, says this is just providing added care and medical information to the patient. Isn't she just precious and concerned.

A woman presented with a pregnancy complication always had the option of an ultrasound to become further informed, but of course she would have discussed this privately with her physician, and that's just not good enough for Mary Lazich.

All Wisconsin Senate Republicans voted in favor of the mandatory vaginal ultrasound - including Dale Schultz - so you lefties who have decided that he's some kind of hero can disabuse yourselves of that idea right now.

The bill will have no meaningful opposition in the Assembly, so it is as good as signed into law by Scott Walker.

There is no question that Act 10 has trampled on the rights of many in our state, school vouchers will take public money and use it to teach some children that there were dinosaurs on Noah's ark and voter ID makes it more difficult for young people, old people and the poor to vote - a sacred right of every citizen. But to date, nothing, repeat NOTHING has so violated the rights of the people in our state as being forced to endure an invasive medical procedure against your will and the will of those who are forced to perform it.

If only the IRS had insisted on mandatory transvaginal ultrasounds for tea party groups seeking charitable status...