Monday, July 15, 2013

Concealed Carry: We Told You So

Just before the weekend - before we would learn in Florida it is legal to hunt down an unarmed kid, pick a fight and then shoot him to death when he starts to win that fight - two idiots in Milwaukee with concealed carry permits would engage in a five mile long shoot-out in an instance of road-rage.

It is an example of exactly what gun safety advocates said was likely to happen when it becomes permissible for everyday people to walk (or drive) around with guns.

Eventually, they are gonna start shooting at each other.

The only miracle in this case is that no one was killed or injured - it makes you wonder how many people could have been hurt or killed in those 5 long miles. We bet it was a lot.

Gun nuts say one instance of concealed carry permit holders breaking the law isn't enough to show the law invites tragedy. Really? What would? Two or three dead people along the road?

As the country digests the verdict in Florida, it is important to remind yourself these laws are written to the advantage of the person with the gun. They were written and supported (10 to 1 in lobbying cash) by the people who make the guns.

That doesn't mean they are right.