Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Poll Shows Women Really Don't Like Walker - So Why Aren't Dems Talking About It?

The newest Marquette Law School poll showed us many things - that Walker's sway over Wisconsin voters is fading - and most people don't even understand what he did to them in the budget - it also showed us that women don't care for Scott Walker significantly less than men.

It could be easily concluded that if Scott Walker is vulnerable in 2014 - women will be the deciding factor.

If we follow that premise and add to it the phenomena of Wendy Davis in Austin - a catalyst for a modern women's movement in the south no less and the crowds of women willing to be arrested in North Carolina on Moral Mondays - why aren't Wisconsin Democrats talking about it?

When Scott Walker signed the mandatory ultrasound bill for women seeking abortion services, the state party issued a total of one press release about it.

Ask any woman about the legislation and she'll give you an earful on the subject.

The news that a "personhood" bill was being circulated in Madison (which gives individual rights to embryos putting in vitro fertilization procedures and some forms of birth control in jeopardy) was met with a collective yawn. Opponents basically said it's not going to pass - so why work up a sweat?

If not for Sandy Pasch right now, no one would be talking about women's issues in the Walker administration at all.

The Marquette poll showed that women - not teachers, or union members, or environmentalists - are pissed off about a lot that Scott Walker has done and is doing to the state. School vouchers, health care, abortion and pay equity have got women really angry - but you wouldn't know that from the stream of press releases that really only deal with jobs and WEDC.

Of course women are interested in those issues as well, but a little more urgency on the topics that have got women in other states willing to run in to the streets, might go a long way. Hint. Hint.