Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Racine JT Calls For Imprisonment Of Disabled Veteran Over Recall Signatures

Happy Independence Day everyone - the holiday in which we pause to celebrate our freedom and independence.

The hallmark of Racine's 4th of July parade are the famous military floats sponsored by the American Legion and Vietnam Veterans of America.

If at no other time - Racine takes a moment to honor and thank the veterans who have sacrificed so much for our county.

This is why it was a little weird that the Journal Times chose today - the day before the 4th of July to weigh in on the outcome of the court case against Mark Dement who forged seven names on a recall petition last year.

Dement faced a fine and a possible maximum of 3 years in prison for his behavior. The judge, imposed a $2,500 fine and no jail time - which the JT found to be lame according to today's editorial:
"Some time behind bars would have sent a message to Demet and the community that election fraud is taken seriously. Also, spending Independence Day behind bars would have been a good reminder of the value of our country’s democracy and what happens if you try to mess with it."
Mark Dement committed a crime, there is no doubt. Mark Dement is also a veteran on disability. A disabled vet who let his emotions get out of control causing him to sign seven names on a petition.

For that, the Journal Times thinks he should be in jail - over the 4th of July weekend. They are bastards - one and all.

The Siren doesn't know Mark Dement and we don't know exactly what prompted him to become so carried away that he thought it was a good idea to sign his family's and some of his neighbor's names to a recall petition sheet. We do know that a lot of veterans are out in society grappling with big issues, few jobs and long waits for services.

Perhaps on the 4th of July - especially on the 4th of July - the Journal Times might want to reflect a little harder on what the holiday means and shut their fucking mouths.