Friday, July 12, 2013

Racine Liberals Are Buying Guns - Gun Nuts Go Crazy

What an awesome idea. The kumbaya crowd in Racine is raising money to buy up guns - and then destroying them.

The gun nuts are losing their minds. They say it is a stunt! Yes, a stunt to make you lose your mind, Sherlock.

If one ever needs a true measure of how far we have gone through the looking-glass in Wisconsin, look no further than the Racine Interfaith Coalition raising money to buy guns.

They have joined forces with the kids at Community for Change, the NAACP and the Racine Police Department - no less - to buy 200 unwanted guns and chop them up like an Easter ham. Awesome.

The JT put the story on the front page this morning and the commenting nuts are out. The banana-pants crazies are lamenting the possibility of destroying some historical artifact or that they are only crap guns anyway - they haven't quite settled on a position.

The brave ones insist they will be at the Urban League with cash in hand to offer more than the going price on the day of the event - as if they are going to race a Racine police officer to the trunk of each car to get a looky-look. Good luck with that.

The Siren has long observed a similar reverence gun nuts have for guns as anti-choice zealots have for fetuses: each one is sacred, should never be destroyed and they absolutely don't give a damn about it once it is in someone's possession.

Stolen guns are used in crimes all the time and even a broken one can help commit a crime or get you killed. Cheers to RIC for making a brave statement and getting some guns off the streets.

To donate to the buy-back, readers can go to their website and mail a check or donate through Paypal. Do it today!