Thursday, July 11, 2013

Remissionem Peccatorum Qui Non Tueri (No Forgiveness For Those Who Protect The Wicked)

Remember back in 2011 when RUSD teacher assistant, Lewis Givens, was accused of inappropriately touching a mentally disabled student? It was big news.

In fact, it was such big news that then Wisconsin State Senator, Van Wanggaard, sponsored "Maddie's Law" which mandated all staff (not just teachers) to report suspected child abuse in schools.

It wasn't really a bad idea - it was just that for some reason Wanggaard specifically prohibited parochial schools from the mandate.

So fast forward to 2013. As Givens case wore on - it also fell apart. It appears the other teacher aides at Olympia Brown elementary who reported Givens didn't like him much and may have concocted a story to get him removed so a friend of theirs could get his job.

Givens life is ruined, RUSD paid out money to the family, and it is not completely clear the abuse Givens has been accused of is actually true. Sigh.

However, Maddie's Law is still on the books just as the Milwaukee Archdiocese has released thousands of documents detailing the reports and cover-up of massive child abuse which extended into Racine county.

Unlike the events at Olympia Brown, we know this abuse is real and the actions to cover it up was deliberate.

It is not surprising this tangle of deception would have included at least five parish priests who abused children in Racine county. It is ironic that one of those parochial schools in Racine - the former Sacred Heart school, renamed John Paul II Academy - is also voucher school.

Lets review:

Van Wanggaard wrote a law to mandate automatic reporting of abuse in public schools for any staff over an incident of abuse that may not be true. His law specifically exempted parochial schools from the same requirement who we now know conspired to cover up child abuse for decades - one of which is a voucher school receiving public money.

Well ain't that a kick in the pants? THIS is the only guy the GOP thinks can win out in the county? Good luck with that kids.