Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Scott Walker Is Having Himself Quite A Week

And not in a good way...

It's hard to beat out competition like the mayor who keeps sticking his tongue in staffers faces, or the Republican governors who have taken rather large gifts of cash and prizes from campaign donors in exchange for political favors, or the never ending stories about Anthony Wiener's wiener and his rather awesome time management ability to juggle sexting, running for NYC mayor and masturbating on the go.

These are some low-hanging media fruit.

But Scott Walker is not willing to be bested. Let's review...

First, Scooter floats a very unfortunate presidential campaign bubble where he compares himself to FDR and hints he may be hot to end collective bargaining rights for police and firemen.

Police union reps in Milwaukee emerged from Walker's warm sphincter - where they have taken up residence - to issue nonplussed reactions that everyone must have heard the Governor wrong - after all they bought and paid for their bargaining exception.

Keep thinking that buddy.

Then, an open records request revealed the rather cynical way Walker (then Milwaukee County Executive running for Governor) and his staff handled the tragic death of 15 year old boy who was crushed to death when a wall fell on him in the county parking garage near Summerfest.

It didn't help that Ed Schultz did a long and scathing piece on Walker in his show which criticized not just Walker's covert Presidential campaign - but took the arrests of the Solidarity Singers in the State Capitol to a national level.

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Ouch. That's gonna leave a mark.

The frosting on the cake for Scott Walker this week was his designation by the Citizens for Responsibility & Ethics in Washington as the "Worst Governor in America."
“Scandal and embarrassment seem to follow Gov. Walker wherever he goes,” said CREW Executive Director Melanie Sloan.  “Given his inability to competently handle the most basic responsibilities of his office and willingness to overstep his authority to help his donors, it’s no wonder CREW’s voters recognized him as a singularly terrible American governor.”
It's been quite a week and it's only Wednesday! As protesters organize for the opening of the National Governors Association Conference in Milwaukee this weekend, things could get even more interesting for Walker by Saturday. Stay tuned.