Monday, August 19, 2013

230 Days Late: Things That Took Less Time Than Village President To Pay His Property Taxes

It's been 230 days since January 1, 2013 - the day in which Mount Pleasant residents were supposed to pay their property taxes - or come up with an installment plan.

Village President, Mark Gleason, has not paid his village property taxes, making him 32 weeks and 6 days late - accruing a $624.82 fine.

Time is relative thing, so we've compiled a list of events that happened in less time time that it has taken Village President, Mark Gleason, to pay his property taxes.

~ The Invasion of Grenada - 75 days.
~ The BP Gulf oil spill - 88 days.
~ 2006 Detroit Teacher's Strike - 16 days.
~ Kim Kardashian's marriage to Kris Humphries - 72 days. 

As an elected official in not one, but two positions - as a Racine County Supervisor and most recently as Mount Pleasant Village President, Gleason is very familiar with budgetary items that have been axed because of flagging revenue. Revenue that is generated by property taxes.

Apparently, Gleason considers himself to be exempt from the mutual responsibility all property owners share - and he doesn't care to explain himself either. Plenty of people with less resources than Gleason stretch the family dollar to pay the taxes on their home and property in Mount Pleasant on time - how is it possible the Village President has not?

You can pay online for Pete's sake!

Mark Gleason doesn't care much for rules in general - breaking Wisconsin open-meetings laws, not allowing public input on village agenda items and believing it is his job to direct the Village Administrator on what to do - when he is in fact, just another village trustee.

Most people are too busy to care enough to follow up on Gleason's exploits - but they do care he has not paid his 2012 property taxes or made arrangements for a installment plan. They do care he is avoiding questions from local press about it. They do care he acts as if the rules don't apply to him.

Gleason owes Mount Pleasant $6575.51- it's hard to believe anyone who owes that much still gets to vote on village issues at meetings. Why not ask him when he plans to make a payment?