Friday, August 2, 2013

Hey! It's A Great Weekend To Host The National Governors Association

Scott Walker is hosting the National Governors Association Conference this weekend. He couldn't have picked a better week.

~Fast food workers went out on strike in Milwaukee yesterday.

~Arrests of singers in the Capitol building continue - and have begun to pick up national attention.

~The "John Doe" emails were released - Hint: they weren't very flattering.

~With no apparent irony, Walker handed out cream-puffs at the WI State Fair to folks - cream-puffs that were MADE IN ILLINOIS!

~Occupy Milwaukee is planning a protest at the conference this afternoon - which should be festive.

~Melissa Harris Perry, sitting in for Rachel Maddow last night, did a terrific segment on exactly what Scott Walker's extreme plan did to our state. It's a must see:

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